What you can do with Convi?

Acquire Users

  • Ready built pitch templates vetted by investors.
  • Affiliate Sales videos with auto-emphasis on keywords.
  • Explainer Videos with screen recording.

Drive Engagement

  • Identify and solve drop-off hotspots with Video Q&A.
  • Net Promoter Score on Video with Emotion Analytics.
  • Identify Corner Cases LIVE through video feedback.

Drive Loyalty

  • Testimonial Stories are the strongest endorsements.
  • Create beautiful stories and build a cult following.
  • Video Referrals can improve your conversions by 2X.

Customer Support

  • Create FAQ videos for recurring questions
  • Let customers record screen or interact LIVE.
  • Integration with your CRM/Customer Support solution.
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Employer Branding

D2C Brands

eCommerce Personal Care

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GetConvi - Remote Video Collection

Automated Script Creation

  • 500+ Question bank by experts.
  • Written by Copywriters, Psychologists and Research experts.
  • Prime your audiences with Emphasis Keywords.
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Automagic Video Templates

  • High emotional impact.
  • Fast to market. Zero editing.
  • Branded with your own assets.
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Send a Unique URL to Customers

  • No downloads. No login required. 1-Click Record.
  • Video Captured LIVE across all devices.
  • Guided Recording - Interview, Screen Record, Teleprompt.
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Share Anywhere. Analyze here.

  • Machine Learning based Video Analytics.
  • eCommerce Integration with Marketplaces.
  • Social Media - Linkedin, WhatsApp, Youtube etc.
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Automate with API - Enterprise Ready

  • Enterprise ready Automated Video Collection
  • Bring your teams together, in a common workplace.
  • Data privacy with complete Cloud infrastructure.
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